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Know How to Care for Your Pet

Cats & Critters Diet & Husbandry

Just like cats and dogs, wellness exams are critical to the health and well-being of small mammal pets. Not only do these appointments aid in early detection and prevention, they also allow us to review important information about your pet’s diet and proper husbandry.

Feed Your Pet the Good Stuff

It’s important to know what a balanced diet truly means for your particular small mammal pet. Getting the right mix of nutrients and treats is somewhat of an art, but the team at Cats & Critters is here to help. We will work with you to develop a plan that keeps your pet satisfied and at a healthy weight. We can also help you avoid harmful foods and steer clear of ingredients that may upset your pet’s delicate digestive system. While we tailor our care to you and your companion, we generally recommend products by Oxbow Animal Health. Their website also houses dietary information for various types of small mammal pets.

Keep Your Pet Happy

Providing a habitat for your pet that’s conducive to his or her happiness is essential. A lot of thought should be given to the space(s) where your pet will spend the majority of the day. To create a good home for your furry friend, consider the size, location, temperature, and types of materials you should use. Also be sure to provide plenty of toys and equipment that support both the mind and the body. Exercise and mental stimulation is as important to your small pet as it is to you. Properly accounting for mental and physical needs is also helpful in curbing unwanted behavior. Feel free to contact our team for more tips and ideas that are specific to your type of pet.

There are a number of other factors that go in to proper husbandry, such as handling techniques, cage cleaning, and various bedding needs.

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