Pet Behavior Counseling

Good Behavior is Good for Everyone

Cats & Critters Behavioral Counseling

Without question, having a pet adds great joy and pleasure to our lives. We love their loyalty and personalities and value their companionship as much as they do ours. However, to gain the most out of your relationship with your pet, it’s important to teach behaviors that will ensure his or her safety and enhance your everyday lives.

Environmental Enrichment

Cats have five key resources that each cat needs, including access to water, food, litterbox/area for elimination, social interactions, and resting/sleeping/hiding places. When cats do not have proper access to each of these areas or feel threatened from other cats, animals, or people in the household, then they may demonstrate behaviors in response to these stressors that owners may consider undesirable. Cats experience stress and anxiety even though they may not express it in obvious ways to us as owners. It is important to recognize and meet their needs and allow them to express natural behaviors. We need to consider making adjustments in our homes and our routines to prevent feline stress, to reduce unwanted behaviors, to strengthen relationships with our cats, and to improve their overall health.

Cat Considerations

We understand that behavioral issues can be very complex, especially for cats. Unfortunately, this is the main reason many cats are relinquished to shelters. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with us. The sooner we can address these issues and identify the underlying causes, the better chance we have of resolving the problem. Some of the topics we address include:

  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Scratching
  • Introducing a new pet to the home
  • Transitioning to a new environment
  • Elimination problems and litter box management

Remember, the earlier these issues are presented, the better we can help you develop a plan to avoid serious problems down the road.

Small Mammal Considerations
The behaviors of small mammal pets depend on a number of factors and the type of animal you own. For every issue, we take an individualized approach, assessing the history and environment of each pet. Inappropriate husbandry and lack of information can often be the cause of troublesome behaviors, so be sure to read up on the right way to care for your pet.
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