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Caring for your small mammal pet is a big deal!


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At Cats & Critters, we strive to enhance the health and wellness of every pet.

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Because small mammals are not routinely seen by many traditional practices, it can be difficult for owners to find reliable information about their unique animal. However, our team specializes in the care you need and is happy to connect you with the right resources and information to make informed decisions.

Diet, Husbandry & Care Guides
Just like cats and dogs, wellness exams are critical to the health and well-being of small mammal pets. Not only do these appointments aid in early detection and prevention, but they also allow us to review important information about your pet’s diet and proper husbandry. Read more here.

The behaviors of small mammal pets depend on a number of factors and the type of animal you own. For every issue, we take an individualized approach, assessing the history and environment of each pet. Inappropriate husbandry and lack of information can often be the cause of troublesome behaviors, so be sure to read up on the right way to care for your pet. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the following guides that detail the unique lifestyle needs of common small mammal pets:

If you do not see your pet listed here, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss the care options available to you.

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