Exceptional Care

We provide exceptional care for felines and small mammal pets.


Compassionate Care…for Life

Cats & Critters is a comprehensive veterinary hospital that serves felines and small mammal pets.

Our health care team will:

  • Listen and fully respond to all questions and concerns
  • Thoroughly examine and diagnose any health issues in your pet
  • Educate you regarding every procedure and treatment
  • Work with you to create a personalized course of treatment for your pet’s individual needs

We pride ourselves in providing only the best medical and wellness care for your pet for life. As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we also go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and safety of your feline companion.

Our Veterinary Services

Cats & Critters offers a broad range of wellness and preventative care services, including feline oral care. Our in-house laboratory services and X-ray and diagnostic imaging provide top-notch support for our veterinary surgery and internal medicine services.

Oral Care

Good dental and oral hygiene is imperative to your pet’s overall health. Left untreated, conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to pain, tooth loss, or even heart, liver, and kidney disease. Read more here.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine refers to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions that affect the inside of your pet. Read more here.

Pet Nutrition

Feeding your pet a balanced diet that’s species-specific is important to establishing lifelong wellness. At Cats & Critters, we can help you design and implement a nutrition plan that keeps your pet both healthy and satisfied. Read more here.

Behavioral Counseling

Without question, having a pet adds great joy and pleasure to our lives. We love their loyalty and personalities and value their companionship as much as they do ours. However, to gain the most out of your relationship with your pet, it’s important to teach behaviors that will ensure his or her safety and enhance your everyday lives. Read more here.

Online Pharmacy

Visit our online pharmacy here.

Wellness and Preventative Care

Prevention is the backbone of good health, and regular wellness exams are integral to helping your pet live longer. We recommend yearly exams, although more frequent visits may be encouraged. For small mammal pets, regular check-ups are even more important since age-related conditions tend to develop more quickly in smaller animals. Read more here.

Veterinary Surgery

Hearing that your pet may have to undergo surgery can be a stressful experience for any owner. However, the team at Cats & Critters is committed to the safety and comfort of your pet during every procedure. Read more here.

X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging

Identifying the source of health problems quickly and effectively is one of our main goals at Cats & Critters. Early detection can prevent small issues from becoming major concerns, and our team is well equipped with a range of diagnostic tools to help your pet. Read more here.

Specialty Referrals

If we determine your feline, small mammal, or exotic pet would benefit from specialized care, the team at Cats & Critters will refer you to one of our partner hospitals for appropriate treatment. Read more here.

End of Life Care

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating and heartbreaking experiences a person can suffer. At Cats & Critters, we understand how difficult this time is for you, and our trained and sympathetic veterinary staff will do everything we can to ease the burden while helping you make the right choices in your time of sorrow. Read more here.

Feline and Small Mammal Care

At Cats & Critters, we are committed to caring for your pet at every age. Like us, your cat’s and small mammal’s needs change throughout his or her life, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Our team will help you build flexible plans that are sensible and, most importantly, effective. Whether you’ve acquired a brand new kitten or are caring for a senior pet, Cats & Critters can make the right recommendations for you and your companion.

We also have experience with other non-traditional pets such as prairie dogs, degus, and others. If you do not see your pet listed here, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss different options that may be available to you.

Feline Care

Life Stages

Just like humans, cats require different types of care during each stage of life. Whether you have a kitten, an adult cat, or a senior feline in your life, the team at Cats & Critters is here to help you navigate the changing needs of your feline companion. Read more here.

Cat Friendly Practice

Just like all pets, cats require regular visits to a veterinarian. Preventive exams are essential to detecting problems early on and provide the perfect opportunity to discuss important topics such as nutrition and dental care. However, getting your cat out of the house and into our hospital can be stressful for both you and your pet. That’s why Cats & Critters chose to become a certified Gold Standard Status Cat Friendly Practice (CFP). Read more here.

Feline Health Resources

At Cats & Critters, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to caring for your pet. Integral to this is keeping pet owners educated and informed. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of resources. Read more here.

Pet Care Guides

Small Mammal Care

Small Species Care Guide

At Cats & Critters, we strive to enhance the health and wellness of every pet. Because small mammals are not routinely seen by many traditional practices, it can be difficult for owners to find reliable information about their unique animal. However, our team specializes in the care you need and is happy to connect you with the right resources and information to make informed decisions. Read more here.

Diet & Husbandry

Just like cats and dogs, wellness exams are critical to the health and well-being of small mammal pets. Not only do these appointments aid in early detection and prevention, they also allow us to review important information about your pet’s diet and proper husbandry. Read more here.

Small Mammal Dentistry

Small mammals can experience dental disease as in other species with malocclusions, oral trauma, periodontal disease, and tooth root infections. It is important that owners are aware of symptoms to watch for with dental disease. Read more here.

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